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Suchith Mohotti Associates is a reputable architectural firm that has evolved from smaller domestic projects to designing larger structures globally, such as offices, shopping complexes, and hospitals. The firm prioritizes an educated and aesthetically inclined staff, utilizing early computerized design tools for efficiency. Their design style integrates modern technology, environmental considerations, and Sri Lanka’s cultural heritage. The firm practices a visually compelling approach with color contrasts, geometry, and emphasis on clear-cut plans. Commitment to client satisfaction, collaborative partnerships with engineers, and ISO 9001 2001 Certification showcase their professionalism and dedication to quality in architectural engineering consultancy and project management services.

Architect Suchith Mohotti

Suchith Mohotti is a highly accomplished architect and designer from Sri Lanka, renowned for his innovative, sustainable, and culturally sensitive designs. He earned his degree in Architecture from the University of Moratuwa and established his own architectural firm, which is now one of the leading design firms in Sri Lanka. Mohotti's work is characterized by his deep respect for Sri Lanka's cultural heritage, and his commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. He is also an accomplished artist and sculptor whose work has been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide. Mohotti's vision and innovative designs have earned him a reputation as one of the most influential architects of his generation in Sri Lanka and beyond.

our team

Suchith Mohotti

(Chairman-Chartered Principal Architect) / B.Sc. (Built Environment)(Hons), M.Sc. (Architecture), M.ARCH., A.I.A (SL)

Anusha Mohotti

(Deputy Chairman-Chartered Architect)/ B.Sc. (Built Environment)(Hons), M.Sc. (Architecture), A.I.A (SL)

Sumedha Wijekoon

(Chartered Architect-Managing Director (MD)) / B.Sc (Built Environment) (Hons.), M.Sc (Architecture), A.I.A (SL)

Sachintha Manupriya

(Chartered Architect-Director)/ B.Arch (Hons.), A.I.A (SL),RIBA

Sachini Amanda

(Chartered Architect-Director)/ B.Arch (Hons.), A.I.A (SL),RIBA

Dhananjaya Mohotti

(General Manager (GM))

Thushari Gunathilake

(Head of Finance)

Amanda Perera

(Head of Admin)

Deepal Gunawardena

(Project Manager)

Our Corporate Clients

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